I wanted my fireplace working for Christmas! I called Pro-Flame Fireplace Services and it does not only work better than ever but it looks brand new!!!

-Alison from Millwoods-

Claude provides reliable, quick, and professional service. He was recommended to me by one of the fireplace stores in Edmonton as a knowledgeable and trustworthy person with ...(please insert)... years of experience. Indeed he met and exceeded my expectations. I had been desperately looking for a professional like Claude after having a disaster experience with a random "expert" who came to fix my fireplace and stole all important fireplace parts instead. Claude came to my house within 30 minutes after our phone conversation. He came as a first responder who would come to help you when you need him. He was ready to conquer any problem with my fireplace. He came prepared with all necessary tools and supplies. He undercharged me for taking a pity on me for the experience I had before. He is definitely a knowledgable person whom you can trust. He will do the job right and will follow-up on it a few days later to make sure that everything is working well. Enjoy his service!

A very happy customer,


Claude was recommended to me by a friend who had been very satisfied with his work on her fireplace. My experience with Claude did not give me any reason to question my friend's judgement or criteria for quality work. Claude proved himself punctual, reliable, very courteous in interaction, and he demonstrated solid professionalism and competence in diagnosing the problems with my fireplace, resolving them, and ensuring that the fireplace was fully functional and I was satisfied with the result at the end of his visit. While Claude brought his own paper towels to ensure a clean and pristine result (which was by itself commendable), he was also very considerate and careful to cause as little mess as possibly while doing a job that could be very messy. Immediately upon arrival, Claude proceeded with inspecting the fireplace, identifying the problems, and eliminating them; he was very fast and efficient in his work. Last but not least, he generously offered very useful tips on maintaining my fireplace and preventing certain malfunctions. I am very confident in recommending his services as a fireplace expert.

Kind regards,


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